Meet Annie Fannie!

Where was Annie Fannie from?

On May 18, 2015, we picked up the little horse from the Lancaster, PA, who we now know as Annie Fannie.  She was nervous about her new surroundings and needed to learn more about the farm. Annie was going to also learn to trust her new owner and friends. She would begin her adventure on the new farm by introducing herself to the herd members, who eventually become her friends.

Even Annie Fannie’s age was unknown the moment she stepped off the truck with a silly, odd goat friend.  It was mentioned that Annie is believed to be from one of the southern states.  One thing is for sure, the little horse was young, kind and curious.  In her heart, Annie Fannie was hoping to find a place to call home.


How old was Annie Fannie when Rachel got her?

Horses can be aged by looking into their mouths. Horse’s teeth and molar development are indications of how many years old they are… Annie Fannie aged in at 3 years old.  She had some baby teeth and adult front teeth, a sign of her youth.


How old is Annie Fannie today?

Annie Fannie turned nine years old in 2021 and continues to be owned by author Rachel DiAndrea for over six years.  She is very bonded to her owner Rachel.  Annie comes a runnin’ when Rachel calls her from the gate!


Does Annie Fannie have a birthday?

Everyone needs a special date for a birthday celebration; don’t you agree?  Annie’s birthday was unknown, so we gifted her the date of May 18th, making that date her very own Birthday!  Very cool because it’s the same day we brought her to the farm.  Annie Fannie shares the exact same birthday as Rachel!  Annie Fannie’s very first saddle was made on May 18th.  So as you can tell, May 18th is a very special date for several reasons.

Why did we name her Annie Fannie?

She was given the name “Orphan Annie” at the auction because nobody knew her history. She was no longer an orphan when we brought her home and adopted her into our barn family. We decided to give her a proper name…. Annie Fannie!  Now it’s fair to say that any big boned girls have a curvy figure, but Annie has a heart shaped rear and beautiful flowing tail.  It was only fitting to add the Fannie to her name…and thus she came to be called “Annie Fannie.”

What is Annie Fannie’s favorite thing to do?

Well, looking at Annie, you can surely bet that she loves to eat!!  She loves to graze in her green grass pasture.  Horses like to graze most of the day.  When they are not riding or working, they can be found grazing in the field.

Does Annie Fannie get treats?

Yes, like any good kid who works hard to accomplish a good day’s work, Annie Fannie is rewarded after her ride or workday.  She may get an apple slice, a carrot, or even a simple horse cookie after she has completed a workout.

Does Annie Fannie exercise daily?

Of course! It’s very important to keep Annie Fannie fit and in shape.  Trail riding, walking, and regular activity keep her healthy.  When Annie Fannie carries Rachel on her back, it’s a great way to burn off extra energy, build muscle, and stay in great physical shape.  Since Annie loves to eat, it’s very important for her to continue to be active, while having fun trail riding.

Who are Annie Fannie’s friends?

Annie Fannie has a lot of very cool horse friends.  One amazing teacher and friend was REBEL, the painted pony.  Rebel is a wise leader who shared so much of herself to teach Annie manners and how to be a good horse.  Yes, Annie has a boyfriend named Visa, whose dark looks and striking black coat gave Annie the attraction to fall in love.  Another friend is Jenny, the mule who protected the herd and acted like a security guard for them, watching over everyone.  Annie’s newest friend is One-Eyed Pete!  Pete is a handsome guy and pasture mate whose name came as a result of a tragic accident.   That does not stop Pete from being a good friend.  It makes him unique and special!

About the Author

In my own words…from Rachel

It’s my passion! I have been creating animal artwork for a very long time.  I realized very early in my art career that my love for animals translated into how I create!  People have all kinds of pets, from reptiles to kittens to horses to birds.  One feeling stays consistent— people adore their pets!  I capture each animal’s personality by depicting the heart and soul of each pet.

My artwork reflects a cheerful passion for bright colors, fun shapes, and unique hues.   Our pets intrinsically express emotions.   My responsibility is to capture the love between pet and human.

In The Fat Halfie, Annie Fannie had to learn to trust in me and I in her.  Her true story is heartfelt and parallels the ever-growing challenge of utilizing our own unique strengths.  It was a joy to illustrate my dear Annie Fannie and I will continue to share more of her adventures with you.

I draw, I ride Annie Fannie, and I love spending time with my dogs too!

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