Author/Illustrator Rachel DiAndrea

The Fat Halfie is a true story about a pretty little Haflinger horse destined to find her true calling. Arriving at the auction barn with no background history, this little horse overcame adversity of her physical shortcomings; only to realize her special strength, courage and determination would lift her up as a role model for others.

Meet Miss Annie Fannie!

“Halfie” is a nickname for Haflinger, the kind of horse I am. I’m happy to share my story with you.   Everyone is special and unique.  You see, I looked much different from the other horses and farm animals as told in The Fat Halfie storybook.  I discovered how to use my strengths, and you will too! I hope you’ll enjoy being friends and learning about Haflingers and other horse care.

I’m Annie!

Welcome Cowgirls and Cowboys,

I am happy you meet you.  My name is Annie Fannie!

Can you guess how I got my name?  My curvy figure and heart shape hind-end showcase my best feature!

You see, I am a kind of horse called a Haflinger.  We have certain features that make us very special.  Haflingers are typically short and stout.  We originated in Austria and were bred to be hardy and able to live in the mountains.  We are very, very strong and were used to carry heavy artillery in the wars long ago.  So as you can tell, we had very important jobs.

People say Haflingers are versatile.  That means I can do many jobs around the farm.  I can pull wagons or heavy items just like in my book.  My owner and I love to go trail riding alone or with friends through the peaceful trails in PA.  It’s so much fun—sometimes we get to see deer and my favorite is seeing all the beauty in the woods as we stroll along the paths, and even get to jump over fallen trees.  It takes a lot of skill to help balance my rider and keep them safe.

You are one of my special Haflinger friends.  I will share more adventures and fun, so come back and visit me often.

Giddy Up!


Annie Fannie

The Daisy

Daisy Flowers are symbolic in The Fat Halfie.

Did you know that the daisy flower is a symbol of a new beginning in life?   Daisy flowers represent a new dawn and a start of something amazing.  Daisies close their petals each night and open them up every morning.  The name Daisy translates to ‘days eye’ as the flowers open in early morning.  In The Fat Halfie, Annie Fannie was starting her new life.  She found the happiness within her heart and in the new friendships she gained.

When Annie was brought to a new stable, she was very scared and worried.  Feeling very alone, she wanted to leave the farm.  She happened to look down with a sad stare, spotting one single daisy in the meadow.  The daisy presented itself as a glimmer of hope as a true sign of her new life adventure.  A new beginning had begun!

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